Whobertus Home 2019

Premium Dry Gin from Bavaria

Whobertus Home 2019

WHOBERTUS is inspired by a love for nature and all of its facets. And the desire to experience chasing that perfect moment once again with friends.

The mild, pure and authentic taste of Whobertus Premium Dry Gin is incomparable.

When juniper berries and the finely tuned, fresh hints of citrus and lavender encounter the delicately spiced taste and the soft-tangy notes of angelica root and iris root, you’ve got it.

The Perfect Whobertus Moment.

Bavarian Premium Dry Gin

WHOBERTUS is inspired by a love for nature. And three friends longing to experience that perfect moment together. An attitude to life, which you don’t just feel with WHOBERTUS Dry Gin, but also certainly smell and taste.

No wonder that as a Bavarian Premium Dry Gin, WHOBERTUS is not only truly delicious but also authentic through and through:

In the mountain range of the Berchtesgaden national park lie the most traditional mountain distillery huts in Bavaria. Here, WHOBERTUS is distilled at an altitude of 1,200 m. Tradition requires that the hand-forged still should be wood-fired even today. Well guarded and far from civilisation, this handed-down distillation art, paired with a dozen hand-picked, botanical ingredients and that particularly pure, exceedingly mineral-bearing spring water from the mountains, yields the unforgettable taste of WHOBERTUS.

Pursue that perfect moment with WHOBERTUS Dry Gin!

Produced with the oldestBavarian juniper-distillation rights from 1692

Whobertus Home 2019

Our Premium Dry Gin is hand-distilled and bottled in an isolated mountain distillery hut in the Alps of Berchtesgaden.

That’s how, at over 1,200 m, a unique Premium Dry Gin is created. Distilled according to time-honoured distillery traditions in a wooden still. With the best natural ingredients and exceptionally mineral-bearing, mountain-spring water.

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Premium Gin Cocktails & Highballs for the perfect monent

It goes without saying that just served neat, Whobertus Premium Dry Gin provides for the perfect moment.

Yet, something that is already top-class can, with the right ingredients, a bit of flair and the perfect gin recipe, only get even better. Don’t you think?